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Professional headshots with Sara Cheng, MD

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Get psyched! Sara Cheng Photography will be offering her distinctive #HealFiercely headshots at Brave Enough 2019. Sara's style of photography goes beyond the standard corporate headshot to show the fire of the woman and the physician within. Treat yourself to some time at her exhibition photobooth. She will put you at ease and create some images that you are guaranteed to love.

Payment will be due at the session in the form of a credit card or a check. Clients should plan to show up in final clothing with makeup and hair ready. Sample photographs and wardrobe tips will be provided via website/email prior to the conference.  

Shooting times will be on the 0, 15, 30, and 60 of each hour. Subject should show up NO LATER than 30 minutes prior to their scheduled time for paperwork, payment, preening, and perusal of samples.