Erika Armstrong, Author, Pilot

From the front desk of an FBO, to the captain's seat of a commercial airliner, Erika Armstrong has experienced everything aviation has to offer. During her 30 years in aviation, she has been a Red Cross, air ambulance, cargo, charter, international corporate and airline pilot / captain. She holds a type rating in the CE-500 series aircraft and B727-200. She has extensive training and flight time in the full Citation series, Falcon 20, King Air 90, 100, 200 and 1 hour in a Russian Yak (it's a good story). Her passion is turning non-aviators into aviation geeks by sharing her stories and encouraging the next generation to turn their eyes to the sky. 

Erika's professional pilot articles can be found in ten different magazines which spawned over 415k aviation geek followers. She is a Professor of Aviation at MSU Denver, Director of Instructional Design at Advanced Aircrew Academy and is the author of  A CHICK IN THE COCKPIT and THE ART OF BEING A PILOT. 

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