Brave Enough 2019 Conference Breakout Sessions

Pick 2 sessions to attend. ONE from 11-12 and ONE from 12-1.

Please limit 2 sessions per person.Space is limited and sessions are available at a first come, first serve basis.

Session 4: Voice Amplification

Hilary Blair  

Session 5: How to Leverage Social Media

Susie Pitt - Social Media: Where do I begin?

Hansa Bhargava - Advancing Women through Social Media

Session 6: Awaken Your Entrepreneur

Shelia Nazarain- Entrepreneurship 101: Tips to Get Started

Sybile Val - Stepping Out: Starting Your Own Practice

Session 7: You Deserve Your Money

Bonnie Koo - Take Charge of Your Wealth

Laurie Baedke - Negotiating Your Worth

Session 8: Legal Life Hacks 

Aimee Lowe - Legal Life Hacks

Session 9: Burnout Prevention Workshop

Shivani Mukkamala - First Steps: Getting Your Mind Right in the Busy Work Day  

NiCheng Liang - Mindfulness 101