Brave Enough 2019 Conference Breakout Sessions

Pick 2 sessions to attend. ONE from 11-12 and ONE from 12-1.

Please limit 2 sessions per person.Space is limited and sessions are available at a first come, first serve basis.

Session 4: Voice Amplification

Hilary Blair

Gain an awareness of how your voice impacts the landing of your message. Reclaim your presence through your voice. 

Session 5: How to Leverage Social Media

Susie Pitt - Social Media: Where do I begin?

Agnieszka Solberg - Advancing Women through Social Media

Identify the pros and cons of using social media, particularly as a professional woman. Build a social media network where you feel like you Belong.

Session 6: Awaken Your Entrepreneur

Shelia Nazarain- Entrepreneurship 101: Tips to Get Started

Sybile Val - Stepping Out: Starting Your Own Practice

Understand what defines an “entrepreneur”, Answer basic questions about your mission and brand,

Session 7: You Deserve Your Money

Bonnie Koo - Take Charge of Your Wealth

Laurie Baedke - Negotiating Your Worth

Explain the attributes and techniques of effective negotiation. Discuss mistakes commonly made during negotiation.

Session 8: Legal Life Hacks 

Aimee Lowe - Legal Life Hacks

Learn legal principles that effect significant impact in professional and personal transactions, including best practices for employment negotiations, evidence retention, real and personal property purchases, estate planning, marital matters, and financial/debt review.

Session 9: Burnout Prevention Workshop

Shivani Mukkamala - First Steps: Getting Your Mind Right in the Busy Work Day  

NiCheng Liang - Mindfulness 101

Identify times in life when intentional pauses are needed. Plan ways to incorporate self-compassion during stressful times.